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Here at J&R Computers we have been servicing the greater Watertown area for over a decade. We believe that providing a great service at an even better price is key to the success of the business. We are now a full service electronic repair center repairing anything from smart televisions to tablets and everything in between.  We have the capability to do everything onsite, no out source time delays. For any questions please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and feel free to stop in and check out are store located in Oakville, CT.

J&R Computers 407 Main Street Oakville,CT 06779
Personal Computing

We service all major brands of computers along with manufacturing our own personal desktop models. The operating system does not matter as we service them all. Apple products that cost far too much when they come out of warranty to Microsoft blunders and update issues.  Then there is the ever present virus related issues that are becoming more and more relevent to every major electronic device. We have also entered into the television repair service, as time goes on and your smart television needs repairs rather then expensive replacement.


Business Needs


Over the years our business clients have grown as we handle ever expanding network capabilties. We service your needs on site or with one call, wether its adding clients/computers for expansion needs or moving locations and making sure everything is online and working correctly. Make the call and keep from costly downtimes. We also provide consulting needs and are more then happy to answer questions before you get yourself into costly and time consuming problems.



From Virus Removal and System Updates to Apple Products and Linux Line Ups. We Can Handle Both Your Personal and Business Needs. With 24 Hour Turn Arounds for most unwanted Headaches. Click below for more repair information.

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